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The book of suffering: Tome 1 - Cryptopsy CD

The book of suffering: Tome 1 CryptopsyCD

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GenreDeath Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 05.08.2016

'Cryptopsy' are on top of the world with their latest album, 'The Book Of Suffering: Tome 1', including four tracks that are like a tornado of brutality! Exploding technical skills will amaze fans of 'Cryptopsy', and will also appeal to anyone into 'Origin', 'Whitechapel' or similar bands. The frantic, out of control guitars are back, accompanied by manic drums, excellent bass and, of course, great vocals. The album was produced by Chris Donaldson in The Grid Studio in Montreal while Jason Suecof in the Audiohammer Studio was responsible for the mixing and Alan Douches in the West West Side Music studio took charge of the mastering.


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