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Die Nacht mein Freund - Serum 114 CD

Die Nacht mein Freund Serum 114CD

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Serum 114
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GenreTysk Rock
UdgaveLimited Edition
MedietypeCD & EP-CD
Udgivelsesdato: 05.08.2016

This box set is limited to 1000 copies and includes the mediabook 'Die Nacht Mein Freund' ('My friend, the night'; including a bonus track and a 5 track bonus EP), a hip-flask, a flag (100 x 150 cm), a sticker, a patch and buttons.

2016 sees not only 'Serum 114's' new album 'Die Nacht Mein Freund' ('My Friend, The Night'), but also their anniversary – and the band are more alive than ever before! The bands punk rock still powerfully leads the way after ten years - there's no doubt about that after listening to the title track 'Die Nacht Mein Freund' ('My Friend, The Night'). Hooks and walls of guitars pierce your ears. 'Serum 114' immediately takes the listener on a wild chase through the night until daylight comes. Throughout the years, 'Serum 114' are still just as nonconformist, rebellious and truly punk as ever and go their own way with 'Die Nacht Mein Freund', just as hell-bent as they were 10 years earlier. Happy birthday!


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