TilbageEMPKing for a day, fool for a lifetime
King for a day, fool for a lifetime - Faith No More LP

King for a day, fool for a lifetime Faith No MoreLP

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Faith No More
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UdgaveDeluxe Edition, Remasteret, Genudgivelse
Udgivelsesdato: 09.09.2016

Re-released in form of a remastered, black double LP including a download code.

After the Grammy nominated album 'Angel Dust' (1992), 'FAITH NO MORE' returned in 1995 with 'King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime'. The exit of the guitarist Jim Martin left its mark on the album, which was recorded in the Nearsvill Studios in Woodstock, New York, but it also opened up new chances for the band. In the new liner notes keyboardist Roddy Bottum remembers: 'Following his exit we wrote some of the most radical and offensive songs, which we recorded: 'Cuckoo For Caca' and 'Ugly In The Morning'. But we also produced some of our most exciting tracks, like 'Take This Bottle' and 'Caralho Voador' and definitely our most dramatic song 'Just A Man'. The album reached the Top 10 in many European countries and climbed up to place 8 on the German Album Charts, like 'Angel Dust'.

Among the eight bonus tracks you can find some B-sides like 'Spanish eyes' and 'Absolute Zero', as well as the Bee Gees cover 'I Started A Joke', which was released in 1995 as a B-side and in 1998 as a single.


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