ZI - Negura Bunget CD
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GenreBlack Metal
UdgaveLimited Edition
Medietype2-CD & DVD
MedieformatArt Book
Udgivelsesdato: 30.09.2016

Released as a limited edition of 1,000 copies in a hardcover art book edition (28x28cm / 72 pages with additional artworks, lyrics plus English translations of the lyrics) and in addition to the album it also includes a bonus CD with 4 remixes and a bonus DVD with 2 video clips and the ZI movie.

The latest 'Negura Bunget' album 'ZI' ('Day') is the second part of the 'Transylvanian Trilogy' by the band and the successor to the celebrated album 'TAU' ('Yours') from 2015, which concentrated on the unique nature and myths, legends, sagas and meanings. 'ZI' musically builds on the band's impressive catalogue: the comparison and linkage of grim black metal elements, ambient sounds and acoustic parts, which are based on the Romanian folklore - this adds up to an atmospheric panorama of an intensity and power, which cannot match up to anything the band has ever done before. 'ZI' is not only an impressive, musical statement and builds a bridge between the roots of the band's beginning and the upcoming finale of the trilogy (approximately in 2018), but is also a mythical, electric album, that reflects the dimensions of a deep forest mist, after which the band named itself!


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