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Von Mensch zu Mensch - Unheilig CD

Von Mensch zu Mensch UnheiligCD

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GenreGotisk Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 04.11.2016

The Graf is on his final concert tour with his band 'UNHEILIG'. The emotions of the so far 300.000 visitors have left their mark on the Graf.. Since knowing of his musical goodbye fans have been open with their emotions and have given the Graf many presents and acknowledgements, among them many touching stories. But just saying a simple 'Thank You' is not what the Graf is known for and it won't do. That's why he has been in the studio with Henning, during their last concerts, and they have composed a few new songs. With these he addresses the topics of farewell and he says 'Thank You', in his own musical way. Music has always been the Graf's language and with this album one of Germany's most successful bands is leaving. 'UNHEILIG' thank all the people that have been with them over the years and who love the Graf's language. They can look back on 17 years, a successful career, and this is their last musical present to their fans, which will be released after their last concert in Cologne, on the 4th November 2016, called 'Von Mensch Zu Mensch.


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