TilbageEMPThe whole of the law
The whole of the law - Anaal Nathrakh LP
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GenreBlack Metal
MedietypeLP & CD
Udgivelsesdato: 28.10.2016

Issued on black vinyl (180g) with the album also included in bonus CD format.

The band 'Anaal Nathrakh' was formed for a single purpose: to provide the soundtrack for Armageddon; to embody the acoustic essence of evil, hate, and violence; and to guide the true soul of sickness to musical extremes. Anaal Nathrakh’s unique sound is characterised by a wealth of originality and breadth paired with unfathomable, decidedly misanthropic, high intelligence. Their songs have a threatening undertone that is unparalleled on the metal scene. Now they have unleashed their new opus, "The whole of the law" onto humanity. Listening to this devastating disk is akin to undergoing open brain surgery without anaesthesia. All of the trademarks of the band are here together with forbidden, catchy compositions and a new-found concentration of unforgettable crazy hatred. This new output has a refreshing clarity, and above all shows a band at the peak of their talents.


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