Rock wolves - Rock Wolves CD
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GenreHard Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 28.10.2016

Available in (embossed) Digipak with poster.

After the rumours, it’s now official: Steamhammer/SPV have signed new all-star trio "Rock Wolves". Behind the band name are Herman Rarebell, Michael Voss and Stephan “Gudze” Hinz - three of Germany’s most famous rock musicians of the last 40 years. Their CVs include major acts such as the Scorpions, MSG, H-Blockx, Casanova and Mad Max. As drummer with the Scorpions from 1977 to 1996, Hermann Rarebell played a part in such classic hits as Lovedrive, Blackout and Crazy World. He currently belongs to Temple Of Rock, the current group led by guitar legend Michael Schenker, where Rarebell also got to know Michael Voss. Voss first rose to fame in the 1980s with bands including Mad Max and Casanova, joined Michael Schenker in a celebrated collaboration, and is also singer, songwriter and producer in Temple of Rock. The third member of Rock Wolves is Stephan “Gudze” Hinz, founding member and bassist of the H-Blockx, and therefore pretty much representing 1990s rock in the group. So: three famous names, three decades, three artistic careers with similar, but not identical influences. The material for the forthcoming album was produced by Michael Voss in the Münster Kidroom Studio, and in the Principal Studios in Senden.


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