Some great reward - Depeche Mode LP

Some great reward Depeche ModeLP

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Depeche Mode
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Udgivelsesdato: 26.08.2016

Available as a black re-release edition (180g) in a sleek gatefold sleeve.

Things changed for DEPECHE MODE after the release of "Some Great Reward" (1984). Suddenly they were surrounded by fans who travelled from the USA to see the live shows in Europe, and who bought singles as if they were going out of fashion, including the cult single “People are People”, which catapulted the band straight into the mainstream. The track featured as part of the German TV coverage of the 1984 Olympics, meaning it also topped the West German charts. This classic album also includes hit tracks from the B-side opener “Somebody”, the single “Master & Servant”, through to closing track “Blasphemous Rumours”. This album is a timeless masterpiece.


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