TilbageEMPAnother fall from grace
Another fall from grace - The Mission CD
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GenreGotisk Rock
UdgaveLimited Edition
Medietype2-CD & DVD
Udgivelsesdato: 30.09.2016

This limited-release deluxe album has been released as 3 CD set album. It includes an instrumental version, a remix of the song "Met-Amor-Phosis", as well as a 93-minute DVD with previously unpublished material from the following performances: of “The Mission” at Elland Road in Leeds in 1987, as The Metal Gurus during U2’s pre-program at the Aston Villa Leisure Centre and at the Hillsborough Benefit Concert at Liverpool's Royal Court. Both of the latter performances were from 1989. You will also be able to watch an interview with producer Tim Palmer as he shares his private insights gained from having worked on the recording of the music video for “Carved in Sand”/”Butterfly on a Wheel” as well as the official music video of the new single “Met-Amor-Phosis”.

The three years of waiting for the new studio album are now over! "Another Fall from Grace" is the missing link connecting the single “First and Last and Always” by Sisters of Mercy to “God's Own Medicine” by the Mission. Guest stars include Ville Valo (H.I.M), Gary Numan, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Julianne Regan (All about Eve) and Evi Vine.


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