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XXX. The 30 years retrospective - Deine Lakaien CD

XXX. The 30 years retrospective Deine LakaienCD

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GenreGotisk Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 21.10.2016

Double CD edition!

The continuing presence of Deine Lakaien dates back to the mid-1980s. They achieved considerable success already with their first album. With their 1999 album "Kasmodiah" they outdid themselves. The album remained on the German charts for more than eleven weeks, and peaking at number 4, it became the band’s highest ranked album ever. Their last album "Crystal Palace" from 2014 was another smash hit, and it gave the fans something they had been waiting a long time for.
Now the band can look back on 30 years of history: Time to celebrate! That is why we are offering “XXX. The 30 Years of Retrospective"!


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