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Roth Brock project - Roth Brock Project CD
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GenreHard Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 04.11.2016

John Roth (Winger, Starship, Giant) and Terry Brock (Strangeways, Giant, Leroux) have combined forces to present us with the Roth Brock Project! On their self-titled album, they are treating us to the most precious of hard rock. You’ll love this album from the first note and it will leave you longing for more! With just a few exceptions, they mixed all the instruments themselves, while the vocals were sung completely separately. The only exceptions are Kary Baddour: Piano on "Distant Voices", Phil Bennet: Keyboards on "Never Givin' Up", Jeff Adams: Background Vocals on "We Are", Kory Myers: Background Vocals on "We Are", Jimmy Fulp: Drums on "Fighter".


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