TilbageEMPBlank Expression
Blank Expression - The Boa, Phillip & Voodooclub CD
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GenreGotisk Rock
UdgaveDeluxe Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 16.09.2016

In addition to the 'Best Of', the 2CD deluxe edition features the album 'Fresco' with 12 new songs.

After 3 intense decades and more than 2 million records sold, Phillip Boa reflects on his most important singles (1986-2016) with his show 'Blank Expression' and tops it off with 'Fresco', a new studio album with 12 previously unreleased songs. This 'Best Of' compilation is the result of months of careful work to restore old original tapes and remaster according to today's high-end sound standards. The songs were sorted according to Boa's very own logic: alongside early indie hits such as 'This is Michael', 'Container Love' and 'And Then She Kissed Her', it also includes more recent singles such as 'Diamonds Fall', 'Loyalty’ and 'Standing Blinded on the Rooftops’.


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