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Dirge for the archons - Diabulus In Musica CD
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GenreGotisk Metal
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 18.11.2016

The limited first edition comes in digipack and contains two bonus tracks.

When the passion for classical music is being mixed with unbridled, modern Metal, the result can only be:Diabulus In Musica. The Spaniards are the most prominent Symphonic Metal export of their country, and since 2010 and the debut Secrets the band is a sensation in Europe! Two years after Argia, the fourth longplayer Dirge For The Archons (Archon is called one of the originators of Atlantis) leads us into worlds that are long sunken and bewitches us with operatic flair, raw growls, epic choirs, orchestrally inlays and pure Metal. The mystical cover artwork stems from Heilemania (Lindemann, Epica, Kamelot).


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