Steinfeld - Drescher CD
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GenreHeavy Metal
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 18.11.2016

Limited edition as a digipack (including 2 bonus tracks).

With their celebrated debut ‘Erntezeit’ (‘Harvest Time’), DRESCHER have already tasted the first fruits of their labour. Now it's time to welcome the next harvest. The new work from the Austrian thrash metal group is called ‘Steinfeld’ - ‘Field of Stones’. Was the album's creation a rocky road? Probably not! For years, the Austrian group have been pursuing their passion through their amplifiers, resulting in music that sounds as natural as the spoken word. With an Austrian-German dialect and thrash metal sounds, they are able to record unique tracks that will be easily recognised. From all that life can teach you, they have found the right words to convey a pure, honest, and unembellished message. Indescribably different.


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