Tied down - Forever Still CD
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MedietypeCD & DVD
Udgivelsesdato: 21.10.2016

Appears in a digipack with 3 acoustic bonus tracks and a DVD (7 clips).

With the unruly female lead vocals and the captivating melodies, Forever Still sparked a runfire in Denmark and are now ready to burn down the next piece of land with the first studio album "Tied down". "Tied down" is the thrilling journey of a human that struggles with depressions and loss of self-esteem, before slowly a spark of hope emerges at the horizon and he finds a way, to get rid of the intoxicated people from his surroundings. With a pinch of Lacuna Coil and a touch of Flyleaf and Bring Me The Horizon, the female fronted Rock inferno mixes thundering guitar sound with melancholic sounds.


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