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Lucifer spricht: 10 years in the name of the goat - Goatfuneral CD

Lucifer spricht: 10 years in the name of the goat GoatfuneralCD

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GenreBlack Metal
UdgaveLimited Edition
Udgivelsesdato: 02.12.2016

Available as a limited double CD in Digipak (1,000 copies)!

Goatfuneral... Yantit and Blutkehle M.Roth have been collaborating under this name since 2006. Until 2016, they hid behind the pseudonyms Isaac Goaten and Von Blutsteyn. This was because they wanted to challenge people’s preconceptions of the band, which would have essentially contradicted the intention behind Goatfuneral. The band has a single aim: serious, old-fashioned black metal, with similarly serious lyrics. To celebrate the band’s 10-year anniversary, and due to the fact that over the years, listeners have increasingly learned who is behind Goatfuneral, Yantit and M. Roth have decided to publish their entire works. The mixing and mastering were performed by Markus Stock (Eisregen, Empyrium, Ewigheim, Maroon) in the famous Studio E., while Yantit was responsible for the artwork.


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