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Fairytales - Best Of Ten Years Edition - Sunrise Avenue CD

Fairytales - Best Of Ten Years Edition Sunrise AvenueCD

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Sunrise Avenue
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UdgaveLimited Deluxe Edition
MedietypeCD & Blu-ray
Udgivelsesdato: 21.10.2016

The limited Deluxe Edition is issued in a hardcover 64-page photo book which also contains a live Blu-ray of 19 songs which form the concert highlights of this performance at Berlin’s Wuhlheide.

If a success story really is a success story, then this can justifiably be called one. Finnish pop-rock band Sunrise Avenue, fronted by the charismatic blonde Samu Haber, are adding another chapter to their epic saga by releasing their breathtaking compilation 'Fairytales: Best of Ten Years Edition'. Their 2014 album 'Fairytales: Best of 2006-2014’, was incredibly well received and now it’s time to release an edition that pays homage to the band's work over the past ten years. As a highlight, two brand new songs can be found among those golden moments from the past decade and the first, ‘Prisoner in Paradise’, certainly deserves a special mention.


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