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Jack and Sally - The Nightmare Before Christmas Armbåndsure

Jack and Sally The Nightmare Before ChristmasArmbåndsure

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The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Pakkeankomst:  Sandsynligvis mellem Onsdag, 23.08.2017 & Fredag, 25.08.2017


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TemaFanmerchandise, Disney, Film
Udgivelsesdato: 20.02.2017

- Black wristwatch with Jack and Sally on the watch face.
- With purple coloured rhinestone border on both the face and casing
- The watch’s second hand takes the shape of Jack's dog Zero.
- Strap length adjustable from approx. 17.5 to 20.5 cm (strap adjusts by removing links)
- Diameter of the casing: approx. 3.7 cm
- The wristwatch is presented in a metal Nightmare Before Christmas box
- Casing made of zinc alloy with a stainless-steel cover
- Strap made from zinc alloy with a stainless steel clasp

The face of this Nightmare Before Christmas wristwatch shows Jack and Sally standing atop a cliff. Additionally, the case and face of the watch are decorated with purple rhinestones. But the real highlight of this watch is the second hand, which takes the shape of Jack’s dog Zero.


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