Series 4 Iconic - Sherlock Plakat

Series 4 Iconic SherlockPlakat

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Ydre materialePapir
TemaFanmerchandise, TV-Serier
TemaFilm & TV
Størrelse61 x 91,5 cm
Udgivelsesdato: 23.11.2016

Sherlock - Series 4 Iconic

- Poster
- Portrait format
- 61 x 91.5 cm

It’s not easy solving cases involving mysterious deaths and missing persons! But Sherlock and Watson manage to solve them time and time again since Sherlock can see things differently than other detectives and can simply put two and two together better and faster! Get yourself this stylish ‘Series 4 Iconic’ poster with Sherlock and Watson on the front.
Sherlock impresses viewers with exciting cases and (almost) unsolvable mysteries again and again with each season. Through thick and thin, his loyal companion never leaves his side: Dr. John Watson. The dream team can keep solving cases with you too if you opt for this poster! At 61 x 91.5 centimetres, this poster is the perfect way to show off the two heroes in your room!


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