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Complete Studio Recordings - Golden Earring CD
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GenreProgressivt Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 03.03.2017

The numbered and limited fan-edition box set ‘Complete Studio Recordings’ by Dutch prog rock legends Golden Earring contains 29 CDs, all fully remastered and packaged in paper sleeves. The complete package comes in a stylish slip-lid box and includes all the band’s studio albums, from their 1965 debut ‘Just Earrings’ up to their most recent work, 2015’s ‘The Hague’. This impressive set is completed by three bonus CDs of rare studio recordings that were previously unreleased. In total you’ll receive no less than 307 tracks, grouped together for the very first time in this box set! It also contains in-depth accompanying texts for every album, written by esteemed music journalist Tjerk Lammers.

Just Earrings (1965)
Winter-Harvest (1967)
Miracle Mirror (1968)
On The Double (1969)
Eight Miles High (1969)
Golden Earring (1970)
Seven Tears (1971)
Together (1972)
Moontan (1973)
Switch (1975)
To The Hilt (1976)
Contraband (1976)
Grab It For A Second (1978)
No Promises… No Debts (1979)
Prisoner Of The Night (1980)
Cut (1982)
N. E. W. S. (1983)
The Hole (1986)
Keeper Of The Flame (1989)
Bloody Buccaneers (1991)
Face It (1994)
Love Sweat (1995)
Paradise In Distress (1999)
Millbrook U. S. A.(2003)
Tits ’n Ass (2012)
The Hague (2015)
Non-Album-Tracks 1 (1965–1969) (The Golden Earrings)
Non-Album-Tracks 2 (1969–1980)
Non-Album-Tracks 3 (1982–2003)


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