Virtual XI - Iron Maiden LP

Virtual XI Iron MaidenLP

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Iron Maiden
Vi beklager, men denne vare er udgået, og kommer ikke igen.


GenreHeavy Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 19.05.2017

Rereleased as a 180 g double LP!

The boys of Iron Maiden deliver their usual powerful, no-frills heavy rock with their eleventh album ‘Virtual XI’. The title ‘Virtual XI’ doesn’t just refer to the eleventh album, it also refers to the eleven men on a football team, as the British rockers have demonstrated many times what enthusiastic football fans they are. ‘Virtual XI’ also proves to be something special in terms of lineup, as it was the last album with frontman Blaze Bayley, who was replaced by Bruce Dickinson on the following album ‘Brave New World’.


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