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Ydre materiale100% Polyester
Udgivelsesdato: 02.05.2017

Jack the rabbit died in a race with a tortoise. He ran so fast and was so excited that he rushed straight into a tree.
This plush toy is approximately 24 cm tall.

‘Skelanimals’ come directly from the States just for you! No less a genius than Mitchell Bernal, known as the Disney animator of films such as ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘The Lion King’ and other animated projects, has created these sweet, small and affectionate pets. Since the ‘Skelanimals’ are just bones, they really deserve a loving home to take them in. Each ‘Skelanimal’ has its own little story and even a favourite horror movie. They're not content with just having a new home, they really want to live with you! Just take care not to get frightened while watching a horror movie, as they'll get frightened along with you.


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