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Firm-Hold Hair Pomade - Rumble 59 Voks

Firm-Hold Hair Pomade Rumble 59Voks

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Rumble 59
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TemaBasics, Rockwear, Rockabilly
Udgivelsesdato: 16.06.2017

The Schmiere - Hard Pomade lends a strong hold and a robust plumage. That’s so your ‘plumage’ always sits right and shines!
The high-quality pomade by Rumble59 really holds to its promises.
Exceptional quality - Proven 140 ml contents - Brand-new tins

Schmiere - Hard Pomade is orange, has a strong hold and contains a dash of ‘Shoobidoo’ with a scent like citrus and orange.
Manufactured in Germany – distilled into brand-new Schmiere tins.

Ingredients: Schmiere Pomade Strong
- Petroleum jelly, cicrocristallina cera, stearic acid, synthetic wax, ethoxydiglycol, limonene, polysorbate 20, PEG-55 hydrogenated castor oil, Trideceth-9, isopropyl myristate, citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil, clycine soya oil, CI 40800, linalool, citral
- Content: 140 ml

Tips and tricks:
Schmiere - Strong is ideal for styling even the thickest locks into a perfect pompadour.
Once it’s applied to the hair it maintains a strong hold throughout the day without drying out and ensures your hair stays styled without losing flexibility.
Beginners won’t have a hard time applying the pomade to their hair. Beginners are often frustrated with solid pomades because the cream sticks to your fingers like concrete. That can make it really difficult to apply to your hair.
Insider tip: heat up the solid pomade with a hair dryer before applying. Use one finger’s worth of pomade for thin hair (or two for thick or curly hair) and spread between your palms.
To start off with: Less is more! You can always apply more later.
Brush your fingers through your hair or smooth your palms back over your hair to style it. To finish, shape the hair into the desired style once the pomade has become more solid.
Sticks to the motto: For greasy guys and classy dames... because grease really sticks!


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