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Water-Based Firm-Hold Hair Pomade - Rumble 59 Voks

Water-Based Firm-Hold Hair Pomade Rumble 59Voks

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Rumble 59
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TemaBasics, Rockwear, Rockabilly
Udgivelsesdato: 16.06.2017

Unbelievable! This cheeky red bird has got something for you: the water-based pomade by Schmiere, which comes in a cool printed aluminium tin that now holds 250 ml. It’ll be a while before you’ve emptied out this tin! The pomade is perfect for beginners because, like classic pomades, it styles hair with ease but is a lot easier to wash out.
This gel-pomade with a strong hold is easy to use, easy to wash out and has an awesome aesthetic.
The Schmiere ravens had just finished staking out their territory when a long lost relative with colourful feathers was washed ashore. And you better not mess with this scoundrel! After marauding the seven seas (and every nest on the coast) he can enjoy the spoils of his exploits and share his one-of-a-kind knowledge of water-based pomades. He’s a formidable new member of the Rumble59 Schmiere gang and a great friend to have for robberies as well as styling issues.

The water-based pomade has a strong hold. It has a gel-like consistency which is red and smells like delicious cherry. There’s a lot to love about this pomade – it’s great for styling and combing through hair but is still easy to wash out. It has all the bonuses of a traditional pomade but is easier to wash out – even without shampoo! It owes this unique advantage to a ricinus-based oil which makes it so easy to style and ensures the perfect hold without drying out your hair. Your hairstyle stays all day!

The Schmiere water-based pomade at a glance:
- Strong hold
- Colour: Red
- Scent: Cherry
- Aluminium container with twist-off lid
- Amount: 250 ml
- Manufactured in Germany
- Ingredients: aqua, ceteareth-25, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, VP/methacrylamide/vinyl imidazole coplymer, propylene glycol, polyurethane-39, hydrogenated polyisobutene, PEG-7 hydrogenated castor oil, fragrance, phenoxyethanol, decylene glycol, CI 16255, CI 13015

Tips and tricks for water-based pomades:
This water-based pomade by Schmiere can be applied to wet or dry hair. For a classic 50s style, simply take some pomade from the tin and spread between your fingertips or palms. Then apply to your hair and style it into the desired shape.


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