The toxic touch - God Dethroned CD

The toxic touch God DethronedCD

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God Dethroned
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GenreDeath Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 20.10.2006

GOD DETHRONED is and always will be a force to be reckoned with. These Dutchmen can be blindly trusted to always deliver quality death metal, never ever repeating themselves, moving in circles or playing it safe. Every single one of their albums is different from its predecessor, and better in its own right. Will this progression ever end?
Now that their anxiously awaited seventh album "The Toxic Touch" is ready to be launched, the answer can only be NO!!!
Never before did the band led by "Serpent King" Sattler sound so varied. Along the usual blastbeats there’s also loads of stage-compatible grooves and a large dose of anthemic melodies thrown in for good measure. "The Toxic Touch" – an extremely poisonous mix, deadly like a serpent’s bite, which will appeal to every fan of varied, intelligent death metal.
Fans of GOD DETHRONED, KATAKLYSM and AMON AMARTH unite and get ready to be poisoned! Holland’s finest are back, stronger than ever before! (Source: Metal Blade Records)


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