Commandment - Six Feet Under CD
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GenreDeath Metal
Udgivelsesdato: 20.04.2007

If you believe in the Bible, God once gave Moses ten Commandments to live our lives by. Now, if you believe in death metal, who would be more apt for such an historic event than SIX FEET UNDER? The ten tracks included on their new album "Commandment" impressively demonstrate why the band fronted by growlmaster general Chris Barnes is among the most successful acts ever to be spawned by this genre.
On this, their seventh full-length so far, the Florida-based band goes back to the roots, leaving behind the slight experimentation of recent efforts and reminding us why their 1995 debut "Haunted" is still an undisputed classic of groove-laden Florida death metal, even 12 years after its release. SIX FEET UNDER crush the listener mercilessly, riff after riff, while Chris Barnes leaves no doubt that his inhuman throat is second to none in this style of music!
Bassist Terry Butler comments: "I would say, if I had to describe the new style, it would be 'Maximum Violence' meets 'Haunted'. I think SFU fans are going to like it a lot, especially some of the older, the people who've been around for a long time listening to us, it will satisfy them. I think this is kind of back to what our fans would expect."
The Ten Commandments of Death Metal are the result, a rule which will have to be obeyed by absolutely everyone following the release of "Commandment"! (Source: Metal Blade Records)


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