Have you seen this wizard?

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Pakkeankomst forventet: jun. 9, 2020 - jun. 10, 2020

Artikelnr. 346101
Farve blandet lys grå
Køn Damer
Kun hos EMP Nej
Mønster mixed
Ydermateriale 97% Bomuld, 3% Spandex
Pasform, toppe Standard
Produktemne Fanmerchandise, Film
Vedligeholdelse Maskinvask
Underholdningslicenser Harry Potter
Produkttype T-shirt
Tekst Have You Seen This Wizard? Sirius Black - Approach With Extreme Caution! Do Not Attempt To Use Magic Against This Man! Any Information Leading To The Arrest Of This Man Shall Be Duly Rewarded. Notify Immediately By Owl The Ministry Of Magic
Udgivelsesdato 15-03-2019