Destroyed Patch Jeans



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Pakkeankomst forventet: apr. 14, 2020 - apr. 15, 2020


- Patches
- Pre-distressed
- Straight fit
- Medium rise
- 5-pocket style
- Concealed zip

Relive your childhood memories with these Destroyed Patch jeans. These jeans have had a hard life, and who could blame them for collecting a hole or two over the years. To save these trousers from an undignified death, the clever guys over at Fashion Victim decided to cover up the holes with colourful patches.
Artikelnr. 347983
Farve blå
Brand Fashion Victim
Køn Damer
Pasform, bukser Lige
Ben Lige
Talje Normal
Lukke Skjult lynlås
Kun hos EMP Ja
Mønster Multifarve
Hovedmateriale 100% Bomuld
Produktemne Casual, Rockwear
Vedligeholdelse Maskinvask
Produkttype Jeans
Udgivelsesdato 02-06-2017