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Pakkeankomst Forventet nov. 5, 2020


Avengers - Logo

- Can be adjusted using plastic clasps
- Head circumference between 51 and 60 centimetres
- Peak length: 7 cm
- Straight peak
- Metal logo on the front
- Six vent holes

You’d love to be one of the Avengers, but you don’t have any special powers and you’re not exactly athletic? Then get yourself this snapback cap with a metal Avengers logo on the front. The logo is featured on the front of the black and grey cap, and you can adjust the circumference however you wish. So put the cap on and feel like part of the team!


Artikelnr. 353137
Farve multifarvet
Køn Unisex
Kun hos EMP Nej
Mønster Plain
Ydermateriale 80% Bomuld, 20% Polyester
Produktemne Fanmerchandise, Marvel, Film
Underholdningslicenser Avengers
Produkttype Cap
Udgivelsesdato 18-07-2019
Køn Unisex