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Artikelnr. 340376
Køn Unisex
Musikgenre Hard Rock
Kun hos EMP Nej
Medier - Format 1-3 3-CD
Produktemne Bands
Band V.A.
Produkttype CD
Udgivelsesdato 09-09-2016
Released as a triple CD edition with tracks by Paul Di'anno, Ian Gillan Band, Slammer (produced by Steve Harris), Saxon, Black Star Riders (produced by Kevin Shirley), and many more.

'Iron Maiden' is known for being one of the strongest bands in heavy metal. MusicBrokers have been successful with the 'Many Faces Series', and they have once again made it their task to discover lesser known works of the band and its members. That's how fans can get to know bassist Steve Harris' work as the producer of the band 'Slammer'. You also get to hear Stratus, the band by drummer Clive Burr, which he founded after his exit. Many successful hits of the first two albums by the band (favourites for many fans) are also found on here, with the voice of Paul Di'Anno, the original singer. All these rare things and many more complete this important album, not only for 'Iron Maiden' fans, but for all hard rock/metal lovers. 'Many Faces Of Iron Maiden' comes with extensive blurbs, remastered sounds and an amazing artwork. This is an album to collect and will not be available on any streaming platforms.
CD 1
1. Insanity Addicts - Slammer (Produced By Steve Harris) 2. All Hell Breaks Loose - Black Star Riders (Produced By Kevin Shirley) 3. Iron Maiden - Paul Di´anno 4. Killers - Paul Di´anno 5. Phantom Of The Opera - Paul Di´anno 6. Back Street Lovers - Stratus Feat Clive Burr 7. Wrathchild - Paul Di´anno 8. Murders In The Rue Morgue - Paul Di´anno 9. Bring The Hammer Down - Slammer (Produced By Steve Harris) 10. Sunbeam - Ian Gillan Band Feat Janick Gers 11. Running Free - Paul Di´anno 12. Remember Tomorrow - Paul Di´anno 13. Even If It Takes - Stratus Feat Clive Burr
CD 2
1. The Number Of The Beast - Steve Grimmett 2. Run To The Hills - Steve Overland 3. The Trooper - Gary Barden 4. Fear Of The Dark - Bernie Shaw 5. Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter -Doogie White 6. 2 Minutes To Midnight - Steve Grimmett 7. Can I Play With Madness - Steve Overland 8. Hallowed Be My Name - Doogie White 9. Flight Of Icarus - Steve Overland 10. Aces High - Steve Grimmett 11. The Evil That Men Do - Doogie White 12. Run To The Hills - Vitamin String Quartet
CD 3
1. If I Was You - Saxon 2. Hounds Of Hell - Split Beaver 3. Back Street Woman - Jaguar 4. Buried Alive - Quartz 5. All Riot Now - The Handsome Beasts 6. Battle Torn Heroes - Buffalo 7. Firebird - Twisted Ace 8. Ambitions - Dragster 9. Calling For You - Persian Risk 10. Music - Witchfinder General 11. Rock Lives On - Shiva 12. Need For Speed - Saxon