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Pakkeankomst forventet: apr. 1, 2020 - apr. 2, 2020


Amon Amarth, Wovenwar, As I Lay Dying and Cannibal Corpse have one thing in common: they all have acontract with Metal Blade Records! EMP offers the T-shirt of this cool record label from Los Angeles. The front shows the typical pirate skull and the lettering „Metal Blade - 1982 - Los Angeles“.
Artikelnr. 157368
Farve sort
Brand Metal Blade
Køn Herrer
Kun hos EMP Nej
Mønster Plain
Hovedmateriale 100% Bomuld
Pasform, toppe Standard
Produktemne Bandmerchandise
Vedligeholdelse Maskinvask
Produkttype T-shirt
Udgivelsesdato 01-09-2012