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Pakkeankomst forventet: apr. 8, 2020 - apr. 14, 2020


Amon Amarth, Wovenwar and Cannibal Corpse have one thing in common: they are all signed by Metal Blade Records! With us you get the jams of the damned brute record label from Los Angeles. On the front down right you can see the typical pirate-skull. Around it it says „Metal Blade - Est. 1982“. Keep it heavy!
Artikelnr. 315082
Farve sort
Brand Metal Blade
Køn Herrer
Kun hos EMP Ja
Mønster Plain
Hovedmateriale 100% Bomuld
Produktemne Bandmerchandise
Vedligeholdelse Maskinvask
Produkttype Shorts
Udgivelsesdato 05-06-2015