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Artikelnr. 409400
Køn Unisex
Musikgenre Heavy Metal
Eksklusiv Nej
Medier - Format 1-3 CD
Produktemne Bands
Band Yngwie Malmsteen
Produkttype CD
Udgivelsesdato 04-03-1984
With his album "Rising force" released in 1984 the Swedish Blackmore fanatic Yngwie Malmsteen who emigrated to the United States put all scale-loving shredders to their place. The largely instrumental fireworks had long-lasting influences on the Rock/Metal guitar play.
CD 1
1. Black Star 2. Far Beyond the Sun 3. Now Your Ships Are Burned 4. Evil Eye 5. Icarus Dream Suite Opus 4 6. As Above, So Below 7. Little Savage 8. Farewell