Smells like children

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Pakkeankomst forventet: jul. 15, 2020 - jul. 16, 2020


Calling an album about abuse ‘Smells Like Children’ was a subtle provocation coming from a time when Marilyn Manson himself had significant abuse issues, though with drugs. Following the record, there’s now this ‘Smells Like Children’ badge with a green Marilyn Manson in a magician’s hat, raising his finger to sound a note of caution.
Artikelnr. 351174
Farve sort
Køn Unisex
Musikgenre Industrial
Kun hos EMP Nej
Ydermateriale 100% Polyester
Produktemne Bandmerchandise, Bands
Band Marilyn Manson
Produkttype Patch
Udgivelsesdato 24-02-2017