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Pakkeankomst forventet: feb. 20, 2019 - feb. 21, 2019

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Artikelnr. 334344
Køn Unisex
Musikgenre Power Metal
Eksklusiv Nej
Medier - Format 1-3 2-DVD & CD
Produktemne Bands
Band Powerwolf
Produkttype DVD
Medvirkende Powerwolf
Udgivelsesdato 7/29/16
Appears in beautiful mediabook (double DVD with bonus CD and booklet with 48 pages)!

Masters of Rock 2015 show
Summer Breeze 2015 show
A Day At Summer Breeze (festival documentation)
4 video clips

Wolfsnächte-Tour 2015 show
Kreuzweg - Of Wolves And Men (tour documentation movie)

AUDIO-CD (16 tracks)

The success story of Powerwolf is a true Metal fairy tale: Due to their hearts and souls, passion, and talent, the band has released six albums so far, and with countless intoxicating live shows, they have gathered a huge fan community. Two albums in the Top 3 of the charts, sold-out headliner shows, frenetically applauded festival gigs all over Europe - so, there seems to be only one thing missing... Exactly: a silver sliver to celebrate mass at home!And of course, Powerwolf do splash out for their fans and have put together a really luxurious package for their true supporters. "The Metal Mass Live" features three complete live shows on DVD/Blu Ray, so you can celebrate the irresistible hook lines and awesome Metal anthems created by Powerwolf in your living room - the live recordings were done at the Masters Of Rock, the Summer Breeze, and the gig in Oberhausen during the Wolfsnächte tour. Also included: all video clips the band has made so far, and two documentaries which will make for some raucus laughter - the weird humour of the boys is just too bizarre! And of course, "The Metal Mass Live" comes in a beautiful, deluxe packaging that will make any collector's heart beat faster.
  1. Sanctified with Dynamite
  2. Coleus Sanctus
  3. Army Of The Night
  4. Amen & Attack 
  5. Resurrection by Erection
  6. Armata Strigoi
  7. Sacred & Wild      
  8. All we need is Blood
  9. Drumsolo
  10. Kreuzfeuer
  11. Werewolves of Armenia
  12. We drink your blood
  13. Lupus Dei
  14. Raise Your Fist, Evangelist
  15. In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)
  16. Sanctified with Dynamite
  17. Coleus Sanctus
  18. Army Of The Night
  19. Amen & Attack 
  20. Resurrection by Erection
  21. Armata Strigoi
  22. Kreuzfeuer
  23. Werewolves of Armenia
  24. In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)
  25. Blessed & Possessed
  26. All We Need Is Blood
  27. Dead Boys Don‘t Cry
  28. We drink your blood
  29. Lupus Dei
  30. Documentation: Summer Breeze
  31. Amen & Attack (Clip)
  32. Army Of The Night (Clip)
  33. We drink your blood (Clip)
  34. Sanctified with Dynamite (Clip)
  35. Blessed & Possessed
  36. Coleus Sanctus
  37. Amen & Attack
  38. Cardinal Sin
  39. Army Of The Night
  40. Resurrection by Erection
  41. Armata Strigoi
  42. Drumsolo
  43. Dead Boys Don‘t Cry
  44. Let There Be Night
  45. Werewolves of Armenia
  46. In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)
  47. We drink your blood
  48. Lupus Dei
  49. Sanctified with Dynamite
  50. Kreuzfeuer
  51. All We Need Is Blood
  52. Documentation: Kreuzweg - Of Wolves And Men
  53. Blessed & Possessed
  54. Coleus Sanctus
  55. Amen & Attack
  56. Cardinal Sin
  57. Army Of The Night
  58. Resurrection by Erection
  59. Armata Strigoi
  60. Dead Boys Don‘t Cry
  61. Let There Be Night
  62. Werewolves of Armenia
  63. In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)
  64. We drink your blood
  65. Lupus Dei
  66. Sanctified with Dynamite
  67. Kreuzfeuer
  68. All We Need Is Blood

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