The crusher

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Anyone who doesn't feel compelled to tie a piece of fur around his waist and plunder the bar cabinet when hearing „Master of War“ is definitely beyond help. The third Amon Amarth album is undoubtedly Melodic Death inviting to have a party in the living room, head-banging included.
Artikelnr. 205549
Køn Unisex
Musikgenre Melodisk Death Metal
Kun hos EMP Nej
Medier - Format 1-3 CD
Udgave Genudgivelse
Produktemne Bands
Band Amon Amarth
Produkttype CD
Udgivelsesdato 28-08-2009

CD 1

  • 1.
    Bastards Of A Lying Breed
  • 2.
    Masters Of War
  • 3.
    The Sound Of Eight Hooves
  • 4.
    Risen From The Sea
  • 5.
    As Long As The Raven Flies
  • 6.
    A Fury Divine
  • 7.
    Annihilation Of Hammerfest
  • 8.
    The Fall Through Ginnungagap
  • 9.
    Releasing Surtur's Fire
  • 10.
    Eyes Of Horror

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